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Elevate Your Cannabis Business with Rod Kight – Expert Legal Guidance for the Dynamic Cannabis Industry

Meet Rod Kight, a distinguished attorney and the driving force behind Kight Law, a premier legal firm specializing in serving businesses within the cannabis industry. With a commitment to navigating the ever-changing landscape of cannabis laws and regulations, Rod and his team offer a comprehensive suite of services, including entity formation, partnerships, transactions, intellectual property, and more.

Navigating the Cannabis Industry

As a licensed attorney in both North Carolina and Oregon, Rod Kight brings a wealth of legal expertise to the cannabis sector. His firm, comprised of attorneys licensed in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas, collaborates with a network of legal professionals globally. This strategic approach ensures that Kight Law provides cutting-edge and reliable legal advice to clients, facilitating their compliance with the intricate legal frameworks governing the cannabis industry.

Kight Law’s Services

At Kight Law, the focus extends beyond mere legal representation. The firm engages in strategic planning and complex transactions to empower its clients in the cannabis space. From entity formation to contracts, trademarks, and intellectual property matters, Kight Law offers a full spectrum of business services tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis sector.

Chief Writer and Editor of Kight on Cannabis

As a thought leader in the cannabis legal landscape, Rod Kight serves as the chief writer and editor of the Kight on Cannabis legal blog.

Passionate Musician

Beyond the courtroom, Rod Kight is a passionate musician who immerses himself in the world of music daily. Playing the guitar is not just a hobby; it’s a creative outlet and a source of joy for Rod. Weekends often find him gigging with his band, Hard Rocket, and contributing session work for friends in the music industry.

Family Man and Travel Enthusiast

Rod Kight’s love extends beyond the legal and musical realms; it encompasses his family and a sense of adventure. Living in the vibrant city of Asheville, NC, Rod and his wife, the first girl he kissed in first grade, are proud parents to five inspiring children. They embrace the opportunities to travel, enriching their lives with diverse experiences and perspectives.

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