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Tonia Farman


Tonia Farman

Tonia Farman


CEO, Queen of Hearts Hemp Foods & Hemp Northwest

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Hemp Northwest is a hemp seed processor, sourcing American-grown hemp, while building a Northwest regional supply chain from seed to sale. HNW cold-presses for seed oil, mills for hemp meal and protein powders, and produces hemp seed and hemp-derived CBD products for various brands including in-house brand, Queen of Hearts Hemp Health.

Tonia's family roots are in pickle processing but spent 15 years in Branding and Marketing for various outdoor retailers and outerwear brands. After a personal experience with cancer, she founded a nonprofit that helped young adults move forward after cancer.

She received Self Magazine's "Women Doing Good Award" and Livestrong's Critical Mass "Mass Effect Award" for her work. Her work in cancer inspired her to look deeper into our food system and healthcare, eventually leading to discovering the benefits of the hemp plant in the health and wellness space.