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Steve Tomlins


Steve Tomlins

Steve Tomlins


Independent Hemp Consultant & Co-Farm Manager, Turtle Creek Gardens

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Steve has been an USDA certified organic farmer for 5 years managing a total of 100 acres.

-20 acres for vegetable operation rotations, 80 acres of pasture and hay for grazing cattle.

- Steve and the Turtle Creek Gardens team successfully grew both a CBD and a hemp grain crop in Wisconsin that complied with all state and federal laws in 2018.

- Steve and Turtle Creek Gardens held several events in the SE Wisconsin region promoting and assisting other farmers to grow and learn about Industrial Hemp.

- Steve has be a speaker or panel member promoting and teaching about the “lessons learned” of growing hemp.

- Steve is actively growing and assisting other growers to prepare mother hemp plants for the propagation of cuttings to be planted in 2019