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Pauli Roterdam


Pauli Roterdam

Pauli Roterdam


Senior Researcher, Endo Scientific

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Pauli Roterdam is an Industrial Hemp Extractor, Grower and Formulator who has been in the Industrial Hemp Industry for 6 years professionally. Pauli sets up farms and processors for unique successful harvests with his genetics, processing techniques and ability to see the market move as it advances forward with science and proven research.
Pauli has created conscientious farm management with expertise in cultivation and genetics that allow for proficient yields. The past six years Pauli has built farms, greenhouses, extraction labs and fulfillment centers. Pauli career included but not limited to the following.

Endo Scientific - Chief Researcher - (2017) Colorado

CBD Extract LLC - Chief Science Officer - (2014 - 2017) Colorado
Greenhouse, Light Deprivation and Field Operations: Design, build and operate greenhouses utilizing light depravation, full season and outdoor. Create, maintain and increase propagation and harvest schedules based on market demands Create and maintain greenhouse climate conditions. Customize nutrient profiles for optimum growth, quality, flavor and yield. Observe utilization, absorption and other metabolic factors. Set environmental controllers and pest management practices. Testing, reporting and compliance. Organic practices and Sustainability Establish and execute standard operating procedures. Genetic research and development: Document and identify growth characteristics, cannabinoid concentration, yield, oil and terpene production. Activation and conversion of cannabinoids. Cannabinoid specific therapy Identify secondary metabolites. Study and implement utilization, absorption and catalyst properties. Solvent and Solvent-less Extractions. Formulation, Purification and Processing of hemp extract

Herban Medicinals - Greenhouse Manager (2014) - Colorado
Develop and implement crop production plans for greenhouse, indoor and outdoor operations including nutrient, irrigation, pest management and environmental controllers. Consult on the cultivation, cure and processing of over 50 cannabis strains. Develop new relationships with wholesalers and MIPS to reduce cost, control quality and expand inventory Buy and negotiate the purchase of wholesale products and services. Evaluate land and feasibility of new operations and retail facilities.

Dr. Willards Plant Catalyst (2012 - 2014) - Colorado
Assisted Dr. Willard's Water with analytical & performance data related to Plant Catalyst on medical cannabis, lettuce and tomatoes to increase flavor and yields. Held group education seminars, product demonstrations at conventions and other venues.

Black Hills Harvest (2012 - 2013) - Owner - South Dakota
Managed 12,000 sq. ft of greenhouses cultivating tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and micro greens for local restaurants, supermarkets and farmers markets. Created and maintained greenhouse climate conditions, customize nutrient profiles and timing for optimum growth, quality, flavor and yield. Create and executed propagation and harvest schedules based on weather