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Paul Frank


Paul Frank

Paul Frank



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  • Family Moved from Maryland to Minnesota in 1967

  • B.A.  Dakota county Technical College - Marketing and Visual Merchandising

  • Founder - 1980, Art Direction, a Graphic Design and Marketing firm, ESOP’d to employees 1989.

  • Print Design Director for Deluxe, Art Director for Thomson Reuter 1996-2002

  • Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent and National Fire and Explosives Investigator, NAFI

  • He has CTU Master Certification through Cannabis Training University

  • He Formed and founded HSM, LLC in 2016 as licensed industrial hemp cultivator through Minnesota’s pilot program.

  • In 2018 HSM added an additional partner to expand for the extraction of super critical full spectrum CBD oil.

  • HSM operates indoor/outdoor grow sites in two Dakota county minnesota locations and processes with an Apek CO2 Extractor