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Pamela Orth


Pamela Orth

Pamela Orth


Partner and Director of Business Development, Restorative Botanicals

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Nationally Recognized as a Business Development Expert, Pamela Orth continues to have crazy fun being on the forefront of exciting and lucrative opportunities with the most amazing People! 

Calling upon 30 plus years practical experience, her tenacity and Degree in Business Development, Pamela successfully creates and strengthens teams to “find and feed” areas of want and need.

·        Importing and selling goods from Guatemala, Bali and Napal to outlets such as REI and The Dead.

·         Partnering to build 2 Screen-Printing Companies; Winning international awards for printing 4 – Color Process on Ultra Suede, Cotton and Belt Printing, landing accounts such as Mall of America, Mary Engelbreit, Zumbaz and Winterland Productions.

·        Working with Plastic Surgeons, Natural Path’s and Health Care Professionals to produce award winning skin care lines, sold via HSN, Lifetime Fitness, national and international outlets.

·        Director of Business Development and Partner Restorative Botanicals llc; New product development, national and international sales, Spokesperson, training, trade shows and more.