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Michael LaBelle


Michael LaBelle

Michael LaBelle


“The Dirt Nerd”, Mighty Grow Organics

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As a child, Michael LaBelle loved working on his grandfather’s farm in Meridian, Mississippi. He learned much working alongside Pa … and even became familiar with the practice of using animal manure for fertilizer. One fall, Michael got the idea to gather manure from where the cows were bedding. He built a bin and composted the manure over the winter. The next spring, Michael ran an ad in the paper and sold his entire inventory, one pickup load of compost, for $20. The family gets a big kick out of this story, realizing that Michael’s first entrepreneurial enterprise was not too far removed – in practice or location – from his present one.

 Michael and his wife, Anne LaBelle share a passion for growing nutritious and delicious food, so when the economy and the construction industry began declining in 2007-2008, they began making plans to build a soil amendment business that exemplified their values and passion. After more than a year of intensely researching organic fertilizer manufacturing options and the rapidly expanding organic food market, they developed a formal business plan, secured a few initial investors, closed their construction business in Dallas, formed MightyGrow, Inc. and moved back to the southeast to start a new business manufacturing a mineral-rich, poultry litter-based organic fertilizer.

Michael, now CEO of MightyGrow Organics, is able to spend most of his time doing what he loves most—exploring new markets and conducting ongoing research and development to keep MightyGrow products on the leading edge of organic agricultural advancement.