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Dr. Michael W. Jenkins


Dr. Michael W. Jenkins

Dr. Michael W. Jenkins


Boulder, CO

CEO & Co-Founder, Rubisco Research & Consulting

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2016 University of California, Santa Cruz

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies - May 2016

2015 University of California, Santa Cruz Master of Science in Environmental Studies - May 2015

2011 California State University, Chico Master of Science in Biological Science - May 2011

2007 California State university, Chico Bachelor of Science in Biological Science - May 2007


Dr. Jenkins has spent 20+ years in academic research focusing on increasing our understanding of how plants respond to their environment. During his first master’s degree he studied and collected data on how plants respond toxic levels of volcanic gas emissions in Costa Rica and correlated those field measurements with Landsat satellite data. His next research project was focused on wild fires in California and the health of plants growing and establishing after the fires. Dr. Jenkins PhD work included years of data collection regarding tree mortality in an experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory focused on how trees physiologically respond to increased atmospheric temperature and decreased precipitation. He also studied habitat loss of Coastal Redwood trees in Northern California and developed models and maps highlighting habitats in Oregon that will match the climate envelope needed for Coastal Redwoods to survive.

Since Dr. Jenkins left his academic endeavors he has taken his expertise of plant physiological mechanisms that allow plants to operate at the maximum of their genetic potential and began some the world’s most sophisticated studies on cannabis and hemp cultivars. He has conducted and currently publishing groundbreaking research on a wide range of experiments including lighting research; such as LED vs. HID lights, light intensity, light-use-efficiency, light manufactures and plant responses; water limitation such as soil volumetric water content, water potentials, humidity, and vapour pressure deficit; biochemical limitations such as electron transport chain (Jmax) and rubisco carboxylation limitations (Vcmax).

Dr. Jenkins and his co-founder Farlen Mischel founded Rubisco Research and Consulting

( to further the scientific understanding of cannabis and hemp. Specifically, how to maximize production, potency, and reduce risk of pests and pathogens, test and document how plants respond to products companies have brought to market or proof of concept of new products and formulas and help anyone or any companies in the industry looking to enter the industry to achieve their goals. Furthermore, their goal is to help the general public by raising the bar of the current known grow practices, in order to grow healthier cannabis and hemp for their clients and reduce their environmental impact.