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Matthew Cheek


Matthew Cheek

Matthew Cheek


Lexington, KY

Owner, Cumberland Sales Company

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Cumberland Sales Company has been in wire rope and rigging industry for over 40 years. We cater to a multitude of industries. From fencing large ranches to rigging hop yard trellis we are here to help design and secure any needs. We are also known well in the Construction and Marina industry. The Hemp industry is coming on strong and we believe that we can meet all the needs Hemp farmers require.

Matthew Cheek has personally been working in the wire rope and rigging industry for over 7 years. Three years ago, he purchased the company. With this purchase, he has taken Cumberland Sales to a new level. He is constantly looking for new industries to take a foothold on.

We have been working with the tobacco industry for many years and feel like we can simplify and improve any system implemented in Hemp farming.