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Lander Hiott


Lander Hiott

Lander Hiott


Lobbyist with Parker Poe Consulting

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Lander Hiott is a lobbyist with Parker Poe Consulting and has roughly a decade of experience in political campaigns, lobbying, grassroots networking, and media relations. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina in political science, bringing years of connections in the South Carolina General Assembly to Parker Poe Consulting. In college, he paged for various committee members in leadership positions, such as Speaker of the House and Chairman of Ways and Means, as well as served on the floor of the House. Prior to joining Parker Poe, Lander ran political campaigns throughout the state, including being employed by the House Republican Caucus during the 2014 election cycle. He also worked in another firm representing clients in the fields of health care, education, and small business. Having worked in the House of Representatives and in politics since 2008, he is very cognizant of the issues impacting South Carolina.