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Kimberly Stuck, CP-FS. CQA


Kimberly Stuck, CP-FS. CQA

Kimberly Stuck, CP-FS. CQA


CEO, Allay Consulting LLC

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Kim Stuck was the first Marijuana/Hemp specialist for a public health authority in the nation in Denver, CO. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition/Biochem, is a Certified Professional in Food Safety (CP-FS), a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), and is a leading expert in Cannabis food safety. Kim is the Founder of Allay Consulting LLC, a consulting firm that helps the Industrial Hemp/CBD industry over come compliance pitfalls in FDA/GMP, ISO 22000, OSHA, and Fire code. The Cannabis Compliance Experts that work for Allay have a true passion for helping the Hemp industry become more confident in their ability to supply their consumers with quality and safe products at all times. All Cannabis Compliance Experts working for Allay are unique but have similar certifications and backgrounds as the CEO. Kim has spoken at several different Hemp/CBD and marijuana industry conferences including Hemp and Hops, INDO Expo, NCIA, and Imperious Expo. She is also a judge for the Colorado Manufacturing Awards who has recently allowed a Cannabis/Hemp manufacturing product award. She is a member of Cannabis Sustainability Board in Denver, the CDPHE Science and Policy work group, DDPHE Cannabis Health and Safety Advisory Board, and the ASTM Cannabis Standards work group. Due to the recent signing of the Hemp bill it is imperative for CBD companies to get on board with cGMP and FDA compliance.