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Jay Noller


Jay Noller

Jay Noller


Director, Global Hemp Innovation Center - Oregon State University

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Dr. Jay Noller is a recognized global leader in hemp research, leading scientific discovery for more than four years in Oregon and all over the world. Regularly tapped to speak at major conferences and symposiums and for national and international governments on hemp and its potential research implications, Dr. Noller is well-regarded by many as one of the world's premier experts in hemp.

With a Ph.D. in soil geomorphology, his broad research background includes seed production, soils and ecosystem services, small farms and community food systems, pest management, and various approaches to natural resource management.

The diversity of his background as a professor of landscape pedology, with research involving the disciplines of soil science, geomorphology, art and archaeology has made him uniquely suited for leading research at the nation's largest and most comprehensive hemp research center. He has published more than 180 papers and maps, six books and has made contributions to many more works. He is also an internationally known soil artist creating large eco‐artwork installations and fine‐art paintings on display and in collections around the world.