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James Thomasson


James Thomasson

James Thomasson


Las Vegas, NV

Director of Operations, Rasayana/Oro Verde

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James Thomasson has been a Master Grower of Cannabis for over 30 years. His expertise and experience date back to childhood, growing up in the forward-thinking farm land of Mendocino County. Raised by entrepreneurs in Northern California, Thomasson had a skill set for hard work, building and gardening, instilled at a young age. He created  his own successfully producing garden, started from his own clones, and sold produce, such as tomatoes, melons, herbs, and vegetables, at his parent's grocery market. His interest in farming and cultivating earned him First Place in the Senior Division Botany at the State Fair, for Rapid Cloning Propagation. He would study plant tissue culturing, propagation and cloning, while earning almost a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships and grants for his program, while studying under Dr. Steven McKay, FFA AG RI-Science Teacher of the Year Award Recipient. Immediately after graduation, James began working and consulting on marijuana farms and grape vineyard projects. He would build greenhouses, clone plants, prepare soil, culture tissue with different mediums and create his own strains and hybrids, as well as produce, harvest, dry and prepare finished product for production and sales.

With many years of experience, through apprenticeships, study, and work of his own, Thomasson found that he enjoyed working with Cannabis plants the most, and so that is where his focus continued. With an extremely high success rate of about 98% of cloning projects in controlled environments, Mr. Thomasson is confident in his ability to consult on any project. Utilizing different growing techniques, including those he studied under Maruashige and Skoog (known as the father's of tissue culture) and his personal organic formulas and fertilizer teas, Thomasson is able to create a successful grow operation while maximizing output and minimizing costs. His background as a licensed General Contractor enables him to create spot-on estimates and on-the­ spot adjustments. His tenacity for hard work and high yield have set him apart in the industry. He's known to many as the best supplier for Hollywood, helping facilitate some of the world's biggest stars, producers, directors and singers with his truly amazing, organic product.

James Thomasson is a world traveler, thanks to Cannabis. He successfully has set up grows in almost every climate, all while maintaining his strict code of ethics and almost obsessive use of only organic soils, composts, and fertilizers. From the beautiful green triangle of Mendocino and Humboldt, up to the cold far north in BC Canada, down to the swampy marshes in the south, to the hot deserts of Nevada, James truly defines what it means to be a Master Grower, in any climate or setting.

Thomasson relocated to Las Vegas to take advantage of the growing industry and opportunity in this thriving economy. Since 2017, he has consulted and designed multiple grow facilities, and successfully designed and built a 6,500 ft2 licensed manufacturing, production and cultivation facility ready for it's first projected harvest this July 2019. He designed and built it from the ground up, from start to finish. He also started all plants from his own seed stock or organic clones and is very efficient with time, money, and energy. He tirelessly puts his heart and soul into every project, and the end product shows. From seed to harvest, from foundation to electricity, James Thomasson has the capacity and knowledge to consult any project on any scale.

For the past year he has also consulted on many other large grows, harvesting, and production, as well as consultation for projects in the Hemp industry as well. He is a "Jack-of-all-trades" and an asset to any organization that partners with him.