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Dustin Jensen


Dustin Jensen

Dustin Jensen


Production Manager, Speedy Grow
VP of Operations, NxRoots

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Dustin is an expert in CBD manufacturing, with extensive experience in the entire supply chain of CBD. Formally, Dustin has managed multiple CBD farms and extraction facilities. Currently, Dustin is a Production manager at Speedy Grow, which manufactures and distributes finished CBD products to the retail market and VP of Operation at NxRoots that focus on International expansion of the industry. Dustin’s main objective is streamlining the CBD supply chain with a sustainable and efficient model that can scale to fulfill the growing demand of CBD. In order to accomplish this, Dustin has devoted a substantial amount of time to evaluating the best methods of obtaining this goal through what he calls the Milligram Plan. Furthermore, Dustin is developing multiple disruptive processing technologies that would fast track the goals of the Milligram Plan.