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Debbie Custer


Debbie Custer

Debbie Custer


Founder/CEO, Coeus Research

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Debbie Custer has held a successful career in the food and beverage industry for 40 years, with extensive experience in wine, craft beer, water and natural beverages.    Over the past 20 years, that experience has been focused on plant-based nutraceuticals to include hemp and hemp derived products. 

Recognizing that plant based products provide more nutrition as well as providing inflammation relief to people and animals.  Debbie began developing products to fight inflammation and provide wellness benefits.

PetCalm® is the product that was developed approximately 12 years ago to ease the pain of arthritis for the family pet.  Over the years, that formulation has been expanded upon to a patent pending formulation for the benefit and efficacy of cannabidiols in humans.    

Additionally, Debbie has a patent pending on the formulation in the benefit and delivery load cannabidiols in liquids to include all beverages.

With all of the confusion and rush to start a business and lack of regulation in the hemp industry, there are many models to include the alcoholic beverage industry that we can use as a template moving forward. 

Through Women In Hemp, a non profit 501c3, that Debbie is a founder of, we will offer scholarships, resources and guidance on those starting a hemp based business – from seed to shelf.