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Dr. Brian C. Smith


Dr. Brian C. Smith

Dr. Brian C. Smith


Founder, CEO, & Chief Technical Officer, Big Sur Scientific

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Dr. Brian C. Smith is Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Officer of Big Sur Scientific. He is the inventor of the patent pending BSS 3000 Hemp Compliance Tester. Dr. Smith sits on the editorial board of Cannabis Science and Technology magazine and writes a regular column for them called “Cannabis Analysis.” He is the general editor of the Cannabis Science book series for CRC Press. His pioneering research in the use of mid-infrared spectroscopy in cannabis and hemp analysis has resulted in a number of published peer reviewed scientific papers. He writes a regular column on mid-infrared analysis for Spectroscopy magazine. He has over 30+ years experience as an analytical chemist and has written 3 books on the subject. He has worked at companies such as Xerox, IBM, Bell Labs, and PerkinElmer.

Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dartmouth College.