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Bill Abbott


Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott


Erie, CO

VP Business Development, Gemini Extraction Company

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I am a US Army vet honorably discharged. I served as an N.B.C (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Specialist in the Chemical Corp. After the military I became a commercial diver trained in the North and Baltic seas. My specialty was ships husbandry which allowed me to travel and work on 6 of the 7 continents. After living in Antwerp, Belgium working for Hydrex Underwater Technology ( ) for 2 years I was promoted to Chief Diver, N. America where I coordinated and executed major ship repairs in situ that would normally require a dry docking of the vessel in various ports globally. I also pitched Hydrex services to major shipping company executives globally. I also attained my Captains license registered for 500-ton unlimited with a towing endorsement. I worked as boat captain in the port of Tampa bay completing the transit of various ocean-going vessels placing tankers, barges and other assets into berths throughout the Port of Tampa as port captain. I built and engineered from conception to reality the first mobile extraction for hemp and cannabis in the country We took a Mayo clinic mobile mammogram laboratory and converted it into a mobile SCFE extraction lab. During this period I worked closely with Eden Labs of Seattle developing what at that time was the their largest high flow extraction machine to date. I was also the first to receive and organic certification from the USDA for organic processing and handling. Upon my arrival to Colorado we traveled to various hemp farms and extracted high quality extract from multiple farms as well as the first certified organic crop in Colorado. This company was also the 3rd applicant for a Florida medicinal license which exposed me to politics and networking required for state policies. International Hemp Exchange is a platform that was founded to eliminate the bad players in the industry by providing a medium where a vetted buyer and seller could negotiate on a secure platform to create commerce with trusted resources. The Exchange was also used to purvey material ranging from flower to isolate into domestic and international markets. Through the Exchange I was asked to co author a chapter in the book titled “The Cannabis Conundrum” which is currently being sold on several mediums including amazon. The Trichome Institute is an organization the is like a SOMM. Terpening is a course of study that currently has 3 levels of expertise. Currently I am a level 2 terpener that gives the ability to judge floral material like a wine sommelier. Also, this certification allows me to give expert opinions and judgments at cups nationwide. I have been a speaker and a panel member at the largest hemp and cannabis events from supply chains to extraction methodologies in depth about market trends, FDA and the regulations forthcoming via regulation of the hemp industry. Zelios, Erie Colorado. I served as the first plant manager during the critical startup phase where I lead the plant and maintained all equipment and processes. Commissioned and proofed 6 300 ltr Co2 extraction lines. I was instrumental in the writing and formulation of SOPs for compliance, and safety procedures. Zelios is the largest Co2 extraction company on the continent. Currently I am help lead the business development for all 3 plants within Zelios. Erie, Colorado, Lexington, Ky, Portland, Oregon. I have created an extensive network of farmers, processors, and nutraceutical mfg. companies that I can use a s resources, business opportunities and keep track of market trends. My family has been involved in the research and development of cannabinoids a medication since 1900s specifically via the writing of my great grandfather Sir William Osler Abbott in the published works of ‘Sir Oslers Book of Modern Medicine” where he studied the effect of cannabinoids on the treatment of migraine headaches.