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Cory Parnell


Cory Parnell

Cory Parnell


Chief Operation Officer, Bridge West LLC

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Cory Parnell is the Chief Operations Officer of Bridge West LLC.  Bridge West LLC has been providing services to the Hemp and Cannabis Industries since 2009.  Cory has been involved in the hemp and cannabis industry since 2014.  He assists in managing the Firm’s Hemp and Cannabis Team to provide exceptional service to their clients.  Cory advises hemp and cannabis clients in challenging business and regulatory environments.  His technical and advisory services to clients include minimizing federal and state income tax, inventory management, inventory costing, cash management, enterprise value, and preparing financial statements.

Together with the Bridge West team, Cory assists organizations in addressing the industry’s most unique and ever-evolving issues.  He helps hemp clients make the right decisions at the right time, which can be critical.  For hemp businesses, the legalized hemp market is constantly evolving, and the importance of time is increased tenfold.  Cory is heavily engaged in hemp and cannabis legislation which is continually changing, and these changes can impact a client’s operations.

Cory has over 25 years of experience working with business owners and senior management in developing strategic business plans, dealing with complex tax and accounting issues, assisting in the implementation of “best practices,” and increasing shareholder value.  Cory also serves as the CEO of Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer, LLC, a CPA firm that serves clients throughout the United States.